Marius Pontmercy: a summary

Marius Pontmercy: a summary

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why all the merdudes gotta have the cool ass shark fins? why can’t some merladies have cool sharkfins and the merdudes have some sparkly ass beautiful scales that you need metaphors about rainbows to describe

i wanna see a cute merlady with a fucking killer whale for half her body chatting up some cute merdude with a rainbowfish tail ok 


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The Legend of Zelda Series by Marinko Milosevski / Tumblr

18” X 24” prints, Available HERE.

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Don’t worry, Sayaka. It’s lonely being by yourself. It’s fine. I’ll stay by your side.

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Iiki no Ki - The Imperial Capital


Iiki no Ki - The Imperial Capital
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C o d e  G e a s s  :  H a n g y a k u  n o  R u r ū s h uEP2 覚醒の白き騎士 (The White Knight Awakens)

C o d e  G e a s s  :  H a n g y a k u  n o  R u r ū s h u
EP2 覚醒の白き騎士 (The White Knight Awakens)

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» A message from le-horse-head:

Are you doing fan fics?! If so, write one about our group being stuck in a dungeon where the way out is locked by a triangular keyhole and we're all trying to tell Alfred (in our own ways) that he is the perfect shape and the key to getting us out.


Sara was the last to wake among us, but it wasn’t for lack of effort.

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laughs again I FORGOT ABOUT THIS

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Stephanie Cosplays: Cersei Lannister Updo Wig Tutorial 


Cersei is extremely thrilled about this tutorial!

You will need:

  • Long blonde wig. I used Galadriel in Light Blonde from Arda Wigs
  • 2 mesh bun donuts snapped together in the blond color
  • got2b hairspray
  • Hairdryer
  • Bobby pins (not completely necessary, but can be helpful if you need to hold hair in a specific spot)
  • Clear plastic ponytail holders
  • Needle and matching thread

The first thing I did was…

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S O R A T H - T H E  S U N  D E M O N
תרום - ש
He is the Embodiment of the everlasting black burning Sun - The two-horned Beast.
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get to know me ;

1/5 female characters → yukiko amagi

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Single White Rose // Crimson Gunslinger

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